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    To draw some time ago, sketch of Rizu and Doni because they are a nice couple! (Fire Emblem)


    For me it was shock of Chapter 9 & 10, and suddenly, it became [Legend of Doni]. Always Fire Emblem is enjoyed because [support] system.

    Quote Originally Posted by C'nor View Post
    Kasa, when you get time, would it be possible to get a drawing of an elven girl wearing a red dress, with shoulder-length ice-white hair, and grey eyes, sitting on a stone under the night sky, with a blood-red tear on her cheek, seen as though from a distance, with bushes and a tree in the foreground?

    Quote Originally Posted by TechnOkami View Post
    Huh... I've never heard of these, but I'd certainly like to learn more about them.
    It seems Wikipedia can help. Even English page was written! Alshard Night Wizard

    Quote Originally Posted by A Rainy Knight View Post
    Seems there's a lot of people volunteering for a game, but I've always wanted to try joining a game on the forums and I'd be interested as well if there's room for me.

    Also, I'm getting more of a Valkyria Chronicles feeling from the Sacred Blue Flame one.
    Yes, concept of character is combining [Returner] concept and [Valkyria] ability ideas. Unfortunately, design must be changed because unacceptable now.

    To receive many interests, I am happy and excited.

    But to think some more in deciding a game, it is thought with so many people, probably it is easiest to do 2 games.
    Unfortunately, math was done for, Hijack☆Umbrella. Because story is 7 days, it would take probably 7 months! Probably it is better to be a TRPG and not php game, because each [Day] = 1 hour time.

    To decide then, it is Night Wizard 2, or Ryuutama.

    If it is Night Wizard, to make 1-2 parties with 3-4 people is good I think.
    Of Ryuutama, it must only be party size 4-6.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    Hey Kasanip are you still taking sketch requests?

    If so, can you draw Nina from Sairyu's game please?
    Of course!
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