Thanks, Kasa! She's very much as I imagined her, and the sketch itself is lovely.

Also, sorry to bug you, but after talking things over with one of the people I've been RPing with, we decided that having a sketch of a pair of our characters would be great, so...

If you could do a drawing of Nycca sitting in Talina's lap, or riding on her back, when you're not busy with other things, please?

Talina, unfortunately, doesn't appear to have an entry there, though I could have sworn I'd made one, so here's a description:

Talina is a few inches over six feet tall, and fairly pretty, with short brown hair. She may or may not have a few minor scars on her right cheek, depending on what point you choose to draw them at.

In this case, she'll probably be wearing grey or black jeans with a dark purple t-shirt, though black mage's robes with some sort of purple and/or grey pattern in them would work too.

She might also have her healer's pouch; if she does, it's a fairly large leather bag (around the size of a laptop case, or a bit bigger), with a single flap over the top to keep water out, though it doesn't have a way to latch it, and a shoulder strap - all in all, it very much resembles the classic postman's bag. Also, she might not be carrying it, if she does have it, in which case it would be set within easy reach, and at least partly open.