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    Hi all!

    A group of former guildies from DDO(and friends) of mind are setting up a guild to explore GW2 with, and we are looking for some like-minded people to join.

    Basics of the Occasionally Excellent guild, server TBD

    Pretty much age 25+, casual mature group, most CST and EST people. Some of us have significant others, and even a semblance of a life! We are committed players, but understand Life Happens. We are not going to force you grind out server first, but aim to play well, and enjoy it. Some of us play a few hours a few, some a few days a week. We have a mumble server that will be used a fair bit, and R rated language happens, although offensive language is not tolerated. Most importantly NO DRAMA and Treat others as you wish to be treated. We play games to have fun, leave the drama in RL.

    If that sounds interesting to you, and want more information see our guild site at Occasionally Excellent. to apply or PM me here.
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