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    Default Re: Doctor Who Thread III: Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow

    Okay, sorry for keeping everyone waiting. Now, Good as Gold.


    Stuff I liked
    Good as Gold contained a charm to it with meta-references such as the adventurers handbook.

    The Dr Who specials written by children are non-canon so we can ignore continuity.

    It was really sweet the way it had better Olympic spirit than Fear Her.

    Stuff I disliked
    Weeping Angel was not the best choice of monster. Then again they only had four options in the contest (Cyberman, Judoon and Ood). Also an angel can’t chase an Olympic runner. Watched by thousands of spectators.

    Fun Fact!
    Given the age of the young writers, they may not have known of Fear Her’s existence (2006)

    Fun Fact 2!
    David Tennant didn't light the flame! The future is changed!


    8/10, don’t want to be nasty to 8 year olds but it was not as good as “Death is the Only Answer” (which was awesome).

    CORRECTION: 5/10, an insult to the angels, why oh why is their threat wasted!

    Sunken Valley returns on Aug 25/Sep 1 to tackle Asylum of the Daleks and what ever gems Dr Who Season 7 has to offer.

    NO WAIT! Sunken Valley will/may return earlier for a special feature. Joy! No one? Ah well.

    Also Season 7 will have 14 episodes. Excluding Christmas Special. 5 this year. 8 next year.

    PS: I know I'm on the first page but I should get on the OP Andro.
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