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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Redwood Dryad

    Age: 52, ageless (30s HPME*)

    Profession: Lieutenant Colonel of Support in Remnant

    Description: Sequoia is a very tall woman, standing at about six feet four inches. Her shin skin is a red-brown colour and her hair is made up of some evergreen greenery. Her eyes are a lighter shade of brown and her ears are very long and pointed. She's certainly an attractive woman with her generous curves and long legs. Her clothing is typically fitted and flattering, but always tasteful.

    By Myself:

    Personality: Sequoia is a level headed, professional woman. She's basically a good person and has a strong sense of duty. She's a social person, generally prefering to spend time with others in a variety of setting and situations as opposed to being alone.


    • Pistol


    Abilities: She has a few abilities granted by her heritage. She can manipulate plants in many ways. She can speak to plants. She can also enter a tree and emerge from another, even over great distances, as long as she's touched the tree before.

    Backstory: Sequoia was born in a redwood forest not far from the city of Inside. She spent most of her early life there before discovering that she could explore the city at will due to the large range of her bond to her trees.

    She has spent the rest of her life in Inside, as she took well to life there. She took an interest in the military and ended up joining up with the Empire. Sh climbed rapidly through the ranks until she reached her current position. When the Empire fell, she stayed on with Remnant and has been a part of it since.

    Miscellaneous: Sequoia's tree is actually a whole forest of redwoods. The reason there are so many is they are a clonal colony. This gives her a much larger range, including a large area around the forest. This area encompasses Inside. Should she leave this range, she would grow sick and die after a number of hours. She can temporarily leave the range provided she takes a piece of one of her trees.

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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