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    name(s): Samuel David Sapienti and Samantha Rose Sapienti (They are twins, though Samuel is a few seconds older and always reminds Samantha of this)
    Gender(s): Samuel = Male, Samantha =Female
    Race: Both are changelings, Half human and Half Sidhe
    Age:Both are 173 years old, which for their race is somewhere in their late 20's which they both look.
    Alignment: Both are good, though Samuel (Sam)is more neutral good, whereas Samantha (Sammy) is more chaotic good
    Class:Both are high ranking Wizards

    Samuel (Sam)
    Real Name:Fir Ernil (Neither Sam or Sammy give out their real names, they know the potential danger of it. So, they created their cover names)
    Appearance: Sam is definitely on the tall side, a little over 6'. He has a somewhat athletic look to him, but certainly not a heavyweight. He has the lean body of a swimmer, a healthy body, but is for some reason usually pale. He has sharp blue eyes behind a pair of smart looking glasses and short, dark hair that is always up and usually in spikes. His wardrobe contains sensible clothes, khakis, jeans, and some shorts, always topped with button-down dress shirts or polos. He seldom wears anything but a practical outfit, and doesn't indulge in many accessories, save for a wristwatch and the few enchanted items he adorns.

    Personality: Sam is the logical, practical one of the two. He is always thinking, planning, and rarely engages in socializing unless he has to. He is most often found in the corner, reading a book.

    Abilities: Sam is well learned in the ways of magic. He is talented particularly in evocations (loud, vibrant, showy spells), though he can do other things as well. He believes in only using magic when necessary, his mantra being that it is a gift to be taken responsibly, not as a play thing. He takes his job on the White Council seriously, perhaps sometimes too seriously.

    Equipment: Sam has a few enchanted items that offer specific magical focuses. He has a wide range of wands used for various spells, a staff, a shield bracelet( a bracelet made of various metals to protect from not only magic but also physical harm. Once activated, it throws out a solid plane of energy that redirect whatever is being hurled at it.), a mana belt(A large leather belt with a large copper buckle, helps channel and focus his own energy while also able to absorb nearby energy), and a charge ring(Once activated, releases a magnified burst of all the kinetic force built up by the movement of his arm up to that point). He also carries with him his athame ( A sacred knife, little smaller than your avaerage dagger, that is used in many different rituals and such. Also just helps to stab) He also usually carries books and scrolls in his bag, as well as some essential magic-making items (chalk, salt, some clay dolls, etc.).

    Samantha (Sammy)
    Real Name: Fir Aranel
    Appearance: Samantha is of an average height, around 5'7" or so, but there is nothing average about her build. She has sumptuous curves in all the right ways, not too much but just enough to turn heads. Her outfit changes daily, a variety of looks from gothic-princess to girl next door. Somehow, she manages to make them all look incredible and stylish. She even looks attractive in no more than sweatpants and a hoodie. Her hair's natural color is a dark auburn, normally long and wavy, but she changes her hair almost as much (and as extremely) as her outfits. She also usually wears just the right make-up, pulling off an array of looks for whatever the occasion is. Her eyes are a deep hazel with golden flecks.Her skin is a golden tan unlike her brother's and she glows with health.

    Personality: For those of you who will get this, imagine Phoebe from friends, but with a little bit of a mean streak. For those of you who don't, Sammy is completely unpredictable and spontaneous, but she is somewhat sarcastic as well. She can be ditsy, smart, funny, mean, and kind all in one sentence.It should also be noted that she uses her magic whenever she feels like it, seldom reconsidering as her brother often does.

    Abilities: Sammy is also a well trained wizard, highly capable in the Arcane Art. However, her gift is more in the department of enchantments, and especially potions. She is best at crafting magical items, enchanting things, and very gifted in potion making.She can use magic for other things, but not as effectively.

    Equipment: Oh brother. being gifted at enchantments as she is, and loving clothing like she does, you can only imagine the wide array of magical accessories Sammy has. She sports pairs of earrings that amplify sound waves, rings like her brother's, belts like his as well, handbags that shrink item down upon their entry, bracelets like Sam's, and so many more things. All of which she coordinates to her outfit and the occasion. She also possess many wands and a staff, as well as her own athame. In her bag, she usually carries various potion-making ingredients, a small cauldron, and other handy do-dads.

    Sam and Sammy are from another universe, different than the Nexus world. In their world, they are half human and half Sidhe, the offspring of a mortal father and a Sidhe mother. (In their universe, Sidhe are creatures of the Fey, or Faeries. They are incredibly powerful magical beings, possessing strong abilities in nature magic, and highly respected.) They are both members of the White Council (An order of powerful wizards gathered for the purpose of furthering magic while protecting mortals, and generally upholding laws and such.In their universe, again.) The Nexus Universe was discovered by the Gatekeeper (Member of the Council responsible for time-travel, keeping track of Universes, etc.). The Council is currently short on available members, and the Gatekeeper had other matters to tend to, so Sam and Sammy were sent to Nexus as scouts basically. Gather information, set up communications with locals, report back, etc. While Sam takes this task seriously, Sammy just thinks of it as a large field trip.Being strangers here, they are both anxious to find out how magic and beings work in this new realm, not even sure of their own limits now.
    Possibly more to come soon

    Regarding race and class
    Being changelings, Sam and Sammy gain neither the full benefits or the full weaknesses of either race. They have long life spans and healing factors like the Sidhe, as well as the slightly pointed ears and the look of a primal but graceful beast contained in a human body, but they also possess some Sidhe drawbacks. While Iron does not actually burn their skin like it does most faeries, it does make them violently ill, consequently they avoid it as much as possible. They can tell lies, unlike Sidhe, but find it more difficult to do so than most humans. Also, they must abide by the laws regarding debts like their people. They must also obey the Seven Laws of Magic protected by the White Council. Though they are not Senior members, they possess great power and wisdom, and are held in high respects among their peers. Though they do not know it, their bloodline can be traced back to that of Morgan LeFay, King Arthur, and Merlin himself. Both are strongly attached to Nature, able to communicate to the beings that inhabit it and being so old they both have learned to speak many languages. Also, in their universe, being a wizard gives you an ability called Sight. To see somthing, or someone, means to see all it has been, all it is, and all it could become. When using the Sight, a wizard can tell everything about something or someone, where it came from, what it is, the sate of it, what it might be, the whole enchilada. But, the problem is memories gained when using the Sight are never forgotten, and never fade. They always look fresh. In this universe, obviously people can interrupt this if they so choose, but back home, the Sight is impervious to anything.
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