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Do you know the English names of these Fire emblem characters?

And thank you Kasanip.
Sorry, no I don't know English names. Rizu is younger sister of Lord Krom. Doni is just a villager. For such a star-crossed love to bloom upon the battlefield is wonderful, I think.

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You created a game kasanip? Now I'm very curious about this one.

To describe Hijack☆Umbrella:
This is a story nobody knows. It has never been told, because it is a story of secrets.

Or maybe it will be told, if you fail... Or if you succeed?

This is a game of mystery discovery and roleplay. It is a game about supernatural and extraordinary characters to be entangled together in a certain incident. Working together or even against each other, the characters must solve this incident before it becomes too late.

Game is to take OO days. A planned scenario, it is 7 days. There are 6 class types, to arrange 3 category by style: [Local Deity, Youkai, Time Traveler, Shinobi, Esper, Witch], and 4 [abilities] <Supernatural>, <Humanity>, <Athletics>, <Mind>.

Mystery hides and gives power. For characters who posses [secrets] and [secret missions], it can be said the goal of each character is different. But if secrets are revealed to other characters, to receive [mystery point], which is a tool to affect [scenes] to advantage of the character.
...this feeling.
But because of [Scene] and [Session] time, it is unwieldy for a php game, I think. To know last two years volatile situation, such a long game cannot be promised by me, I think.

It seems there is interest for NW2 and Ryuutama. Maybe I should make one each game. I think I can do such a thing.

Thinking about Character Creation, it will be difficult to explain everything. But it can be done ROC or concept can be described and I can make character sheet too.