Tobio woke up from his trance to the sound of his alarm clock blaring. Standing up from his sitting position he pooped his neck and stretched to welcome a new day. With the System Scan coming up next week he might be training at the Judgement Training Center after school. First off though he needed to get through the school day, preferably without Jirou making his life miserable.

Half an hour later Tobio is skating down the road to Onizuka with a piece of toast spread with apple butter in his mouth. At the very least he could look forward to his after school activities. He might get to see Mei today.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Crocell's morning to his surprise is very good. When he came to Azabu it turned out the teacher in charge of detentions had left early yesterday due to family issues and wouldn't be back until midway though next week. While other teachers could have taken over the position temporarily since the period he would be gone was so short they decided to post pone detentions. That gave Crocell until next week to perform enough 'community service' to clear his record.

With that in mind he heads off to his classes with the usual draconian teachers. He sighed as he thought of the adrenaline rush from yesterday from the race with Kin and Krystal while sparsely taking notes.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Ryuji left home with the usual hug and kiss from his mother. Luckily Ryuji managed to patch himself up enough from his fight yesterday that his mother didn't realize that he got hurt. She tended to get a little stir crazy when he got hurt. As he headed towards Azabu he thought about how that Sukeban had accosted him and his lady friends.

It was not a pleasant thing. However he had to wonder, how often did things like that actually happen in Academy City. And how much worse could they get. It was something that he couldn't help but ponder throughout his classes