On the same road that Tobio skates down, Nakamura Yua is half-running to get to school. Having taken a bit too long with eating, only finishing due to parental orders.
Hurrying towards Onizuka at a mostly safe pace. Dodging passers-by and apologising, despite their apparent ignorance of Yua's presence, Yua spots the school-building coming into sight.

Thus the onizuka "Ghost" is distracted from noticing Tobio. Usually this would be no problem for a student with blue-dyed hair, but Yua unfortunately lived up to the invisible nickname. Being almost unnoticeable unless one was looking for the young Onizuka student.


Katsu, as usual, has a great morning. Making a surprisingly healthy breakfast, the superfast Esper is soon on way to Azabu. Avoiding the direct route and instead using a route of adventure, through parks and along rooftops.

The early classes proves a bit more slow-paced, but therein might lie the beginning of more adventure!