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8/10, don’t want to be nasty to 8 year olds but it was not as good as “Death is the Only Answer” (which was awesome).

Sunken Valley returns on Aug 25/Sep 1 to tackle Asylum of the Daleks and what ever gems Dr Who Season 7 has to offer.

NO WAIT! Sunken Valley will/may return earlier for a special feature. Joy! No one? Ah well.
Hey! I was mean to eight-year-olds, well, I held their work to the same standards as professional writers which is both mean and yet respectful in a sense.
Still, I more or less agree with you on the points you raised.

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Curlers dude!
If it helps the instant I come across a word that could even vaguely spoil me I skip the whole post.
I have reflexive actions now to any mention of the word 'Donna'.
It's trickier when it gets to season 5/6 because same people though, so I tend to skip loads.

And the fact that you remembered curlers gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

Doing a non-Doctor Who thing over in RB. I feel like whoring myself out, so I may link it here, but if I don't check out RB some time tonight or tomorrow for
me watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone blind.
Because I've not seen it since opening week.
When I was ten.
And haven't read the book since . . . perhaps 2003 at the lastest.

Don't look at me like that.

So yeah. Attention whore needs attention plz.
(Expect a Who review tomorrow or Friday at the latest - I've had a string of job interviews lately)