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    For the record, the Boar symbol that gllows... isn't a neon sign. Like many things in the Umbra, it glows lightly for other reasons...

    The two of you enter the building, and immediately you can sense a change in the environment. The smells in the city are polluted and overwhelming. The air somewhat cold and lifeless. In hear, the smell is good. You immediately smell meat cooking, and the pollution smell seems to have been left outside. You can vaguely smell humans, and the smell of spirits. But more so, you can smell Garou. The smell is strong.

    Visually this place looks like a restaurant/bar. There are tables everywhere. But what what catches your eye is the east wall. It's made entirely of mirror glass.

    As for the spiders, if you are in the downtown area Umbra and you don't see spiders, I honestly think you should be worried. They are the spirit of the weaver, and the weaver is super strong here. Now whether those spiders, who aren't following you inside, were friendly or not... that is up for debate.
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