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    Oh, confound it, do I have to input my data again? Oh well, here it is.


    Name: Night Jewel.

    Sex: No, although she has considered it from time to time.

    Personality: Quite optimistic, keeping high spirits even in dark times. She's most strongly connected to the virtue of Laughter. She's also quite willing to get herself into trouble, seeing getting out as an entertaining challenge. Ultimately, she's got a sharp wit and a strong desire to put it to use.

    Appearance: A unicorn with a purple coat, a pale blue mane and tail, blue eyes and a toolkit cutie mark. She seems to be in her mid-to-late teens, even if she's a little small for her age. She tends to wear dark clothing, the occasional jewellery, and a fez.


    Faction: None. She has her own agenda and is no one's follower.

    Skills: Night Jewel has a variety of skills to help her with trickery. Her speciality is working with mechanisms, meaning she can sabotage contraptions with ease, and is also quite good at repairing them. In addition, she has some skill in stealth, acrobatics, swimming and climbing, making it easy for her to get past many obstacles. Her magic tends to be on the subtle side as well, focused on darkness and illusions. She's not much of a fighter, but can usually outwit or evade foes instead.

    Equipment: Her most important possessions are her tools. She has a variety of things suited for delicate mechanical work, such as picking locks. In addition, she usually carries food, water, gemstones of various types, poisoned knives, writing equipment, rope, and other objects that might come in handy.

    Relationships: She has lost contact with most of her former allies, but maintains some relationships of note. She is fond of Bauhaus, has a condescending fondness for Eledwhen, cautiously respects Pineapple Blast, and sees Lamianos as a major threat.
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