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    Default Re: 30+ New Dragons (more true dragons than the draconomicon)

    Now onto the fourth poll; as usual I prefer PM'd votes though you can post them here and I'll still count them.


    Gravedirge Dragon: A bardic dragon of the graveyard.

    Abyssal Dragon: A planar dragon for the Abyss because... well I am not satisfied by the Dragon Magazine one which was really only applicable to a very uninteresting layer.

    Vapor Dragon: A dragon capable of assuming a semi-gaseous form.

    Sei Lung: A lung dragon charged with the task of maintaining the stars in their rightful positions.

    Vacuum Dragon: A dragon of the quasielemental plane of vacuum.


    And because I forgot to mention it before; the use of creation instead of summoning on the peanut dragon was intentional. One because it falls under the part in, well it was in the 3.0 DMG, where it talks about how minions that don't take resources from the creator/summoner in this battle (such as spell slots) should be included in XP and ECL, and placing it on a creature with more than 36 RHD puts it squarely in the DM only zone until at least epic levels where such a feat can already be performed (Origin of Species epic spell). It gives the DM an excuse to populate the lair with plant monsters or the surrounding area and mostly acts as a fluff ability. The lack of description on what kind of action this takes, I could defend with something about leaving it up to the DM so that they can weave it into their own world, but was really just sloppy writing on my part.
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