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    Quote Originally Posted by daelrog View Post
    I agree about Rogan, but it's pretty darn close otherwise. Some of the characters were really, really spot on.

    Cassidy's ghouls made me smile. I actually watched some Burn Notice for awhile (before I move out of country), and yes, that's a good picture for the mystery ghoul.
    Unfortunately, deviantart is pretty stingy when it comes to quality pictures of menfolk. Usually the rule is Male/Well-Drawn/Wearing a Shirt [choose two], which for some folks isn't a problem, but for others...

    Rogan was a problem because it's very hard to search for, let alone find, good pictures of minorities sometimes. (The word "Black" produced a lot of emo stuff and African produced a lot of badly drawn stuff). I agree with you guys about Rogan. Hopefully this picture of Samuel L Motha****in' Jackson I just found will fit the bill better. (And failing that, Samuel L Motha****in' Jackson!)


    And yeah, suit/aviators/stubble is a HARD combo to find. I was about to go with a suitless dude before I thought to look for Mike Westen.

    I'll give Cassidy Victor's picture, but I have no idea what Victor looks like, aside from being kinda big (and smelling like piss and sawdust).

    Edit: Switched the two of them as a stop-gap measure.

    Edit ^2: That's our Hitler Victor!

    Kirsch was actually shopped to greyness, so lemme see if I can whip out the original.

    Edit: Tada! (Completely different, and better, picture. XD)

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