Team Rocket, known for it's many criminal actions and deeds in the Pokemon world. It's headquarters is a mystery to all but it's members, as well as what shadowy hand guides it. Now you are privvy to it's secets as well and it's mission.

You all find yourselves in a large office like room. A jet black mahogany desk illuminates with the teams trademark R in bright red on it's face. Behind sits the man you meet from earlier, he still has yet to give you his name. He smiles as you stand their, looking over your indiviual files before speaking.

"Well, you've all done even better then I expected of you. In these short months you have moved up ranks in our little group faster then most. Now it's time for you to step out of being mere grunts though, it's time to make a impact." He lays out four separate dossier folders in front of you all. Already open, each one describes a Executive of Team rocket, their fields of expertise and place in the organization.

"These are your mentors, per say, they shall provide you with ways to achieve your dreams. Whether it be conquering the league, to merely conquering the contest stage. Of course I too have a few tips and tricks to help you help me, but, I would rather see what they can do with you first."

(The Dossier folders are all in the OOC under Rocket NPCs. I do not need you all to go to the same person as your are not a established team of trainers/pokemon. So feel free to go visit whomever you think will help you with your goals the most.)