Clay looks at the dossiers. He likes his current body; the suit was a nice addition. Pity he had to kill the guy on that job.

Clay looks through the the dossiers, ignoring the other people at first. Athena might be beneficial in the future, but right now Clay just doesn't have the time to dig through musty old ruins. Maybe later, but not now. Lance could be fun. Definitely easy to mess with when you have skills such as Clay. He may just have to hit him up at a latter date. Ace, well, Gym Battles weren't really Clay's thing. One on six rarely ends well.

Apollo... While catching rare and powerful Pokemon may not quite be his thing, encountering them would definitely be beneficial.

Clay, still not quite talking to the other contestants, heads over to Apollo. Before he goes though, as soon as he is behind the others, copies the body of one of the women. In his experience at least, male humans responded better to females.

"This will do...." he mutters to himself.

Checking out his new form and clothes, Clay heads out to meet Apollo.

Transform into...... Melody Suzuki!