Sigma buzzes as he leaves a computer, pauses to look at the others, and sparks into a speaker, a vaguely male voice crackling from the device. -A coordinator, an archaeologist, an ace and a newbie killer... pardon me I say that I'm not a fan of our options... Muk it, I'm sticking with one of you.- He looks out from the speaker. Not the Ditto. At least not right now. They were always fun guys, from what he had seen, but he wasn't going to go and get himself killed for Apollo's amusement like those who had already left. Just as cocky as his old trainer. Survival first, fun second. Hm, what else have we got? He had seen a few of TR's records in the past, match faces to pictures... Hm, the girl the Ditto didn't copy had the same starter as Damian. Maybe a Scyther won't kill that one. Such squishy little creatures, Ralts. Odd. Not much on any of them, human or mon. Eh, follow the other girl. Be a switch from Damian. Apparently she was a budding Bodysnatcher. Could be interesting. With a hum he leaves the speaker and when the girl isn't looking, hops into her Pokégear.