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    And now, what is quite possibly your doom.


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    Name: Flower Tail.

    Sex: Absolutely not. She's too young.

    Talent: Taking care of plants. With her magic, she can cause plants to grow, move, bloom or wilt as she wishes.

    Virtue: Honesty. She's very straightforward in dealings with others, to the point of bluntness. She's also spirited, impetuous, and fiercely independent. She loathes being told what to do or considered weak by others, and those who mock her tend to learn the hard way that she's not a foal to be messed with.

    Appearance: A small unicorn filly with an unusually sharp horn, a pale pink coat, a yellow mane and tail, a braid and a red bow in her mane, pale green eyes and a rosebud cutie mark.

    Faction: None, unless you count the wilderness itself.

    Skills: She doesn't have many exceptional skills aside from her magic, which is versatile enough for her purposes.

    Equipment: Tucked into her braid are a wide variety of seeds.
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