Apollo's Office
Apollo looked up as the three entered his office. He didn't see much in them at first glance although the Deino was intriguing. He wondered how long these ones would last.

"Well, you must be new here. At least to this floor I mean, hopefully you can prove more competant then the other Rockets I've dealt with in the past." He continued looking them over, something about the girl who came in was different but he couldn't quite figure it out. He walks over to a file cabinet retrieving a pair of folders and takes a seat behind his desk. "The work I give isn't for the squishy or squeemish type, so I hope you can handle it. What we have right now is some information on two places of interest. The first is Mount Crater, it's just south of here though you may encounter some wild Pokemon on the way. We've been monitoring that location and it seems a pair of mated Drudigon have decided to lay offspring there. With those dragons we could increase our power even further thanks to their innate ferocity. We want you to retrieve at least three eggs for us, as for the parents do what you need to. The second place is known as Grimholm Manor, a few our agents have disappeared there, others ran like cowards. It is safe to assume a ghost of some sort is involved. The place itself has a history that keeps locals away from it, it would be a excellent outpost for our activities.

Athena's Office
As you walk in you see the walls lined with artifacts and ancient glyphs written in Alph. The office itself seems like a dig as the red haired woman behind the desk smiles at you.

"Welcome, I assume you are here because you have a interest in what I do. Well if that's the case I'm sure we'll get along. First off I should tell you that most of the places I search are off the regular beaten path. So we will have to use the Helicopter to reach them, I hope you are not afraid of flying. Second, Pokemon to me a moot point, the knowledge in the ruins and artifacts themselves are much more important to me. That's not to say you cannot have a nice capture here and there but I will only concern a capture in my work if the creature is worthy of it. Now as for assignments, right now we a excavating some new-found ruins in the Deserts of Unova. That or if you would like more well known areas, we also are looking into a small temple we recently found east of here. It seems to be in worship to some pokemon of sorts but we haven't seen any people going to or from the place in the weeks of monitoring."