In the most flashy way he could, Jackson flipped through the various booklets on the Admins with a bored look. He was in it for the money and fame and to give the finger to the government, he honestly didn't care who he worked with.

Opening the first one he smirked, a chick was always fun to work with. Plus if he could seduce her there was benefits to sleeping with the boss, plus if worse came to worse that other female had headed to visit her and she was easy on the eyes. Still, he didn't feel like climbing around in ruins, he was too cool for that. Unhappy with the first option he tossed it down and glanced at the next one.

Lance was an *******. He cared more about being cool, than looking pretty. If he wanted to look pretty he'd go be a girl or join some Japanese anime. Those animes they showed on TV always had girly looking boys. He was glad that he wasn't in an anime. Still, despite his stupid personality, lame love of beauty, and overall gayness, he DID run the pokemon contest. Reluctantly, Jackson set the folder down to consider.

Next up was Ace, and while Jackson loved Ace's style, his goals and methods were a drag. It was much cooler to show off and get fangirls than it was to go beat up animals. He found most the girls he knew enjoyed his cute Zigzagoon or his cool Ralts, not some ugly brute. Thus, Jackson chucked that folder over his shoulder.

Finally was Apollo. He had seen what Team Galactic used to wear and there was no way in hell he was going to hang out with someone that uncool. He didn't even open the folder and merely gagged and threw it away.

Jackson let out a sigh as he realized that left him with one choice. ******* Lance it was. Annoyed that he'd have to deal with an uncool pretty boy, Jackson headed toward Lance's office.