Lances office
Lance sat in a office of bright lighting and modern art furnishings. he lingered behind the desk not doing much work but instead gazing into a mirror set on the station. He barely even noticed anyone coming in.

"Oh.. why hello there. I'm guessing you're trying to hit the big stage hmmm, flash it up a bit and show all those losers what talent looks like when it shines!" On the cue word of shines Lance strikes a pose as small lights flicker behind him. It was obvious he had set that up ahead of time, and that he has way to much of it. "Well first things first, we gotta get you to a contest and I've got just the one." Pulling out a flyer he smacks it onto the table. "Nearby here is a town called Spring Heights, a total wash of a place, but they do have one thing an annual fair and contest pageant." He looks excited to even be talking about contests, and far to into it. "It shouldn't be to hard for you, there are three categories this year; Cool, Cute, and Tough. All the trainers participating are locals but then again that means they've done this before. There's a route east of here that'll take you right to town, you might even find some good Pokemon to help you win along the way."