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Thread: PTA: Rocketing Forward (IC)

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    Brent not being the most sociable type remains silent as he enters the room

    when apollo take out the files he takes out his heavily modded rocketdex and take a quick picture of the contents of each as he reads them. "not the best use of my talents"he mutters beneath his breath.

    he then turns away from the group and types into his rocketdex
    so what do think hax? dragons at the end of a nature walk,
    or an old house which probably has no machinery more complex than an egg timer?
    the screen bugs out for a sec and then displays the words
    are there any slot machines to blow up along the nature route?

    he types back
    I'm afraid not
    the screen spazzes some in frustration and then arranges the letters
    sigh... well then an egg timer is better than nothing
    he puts the rocketdex away and turns back to apollo which is probably giving him a funny look for texting in his office "*cough*... I'll take the manor assignment sir. Is there a place on base where I can acquire equipment for the mission? my last job depleted my stock"
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