I need a new game since both D3 and SWTOR have disappointed me. I have a couple of questions for those of you who might have spent some time playing the GW2 beta.

Is there a sense of exploration to this game? One of the things that really killed SWTOR for me was the fact that every new character you make goes to the same planets (there aren't very many of them) so you see those same planets again and again. It gets very boring and there is no feeling of exploration.

Second question, is combat challenging? I'm kind of tired of games that are too easy. SWTOR was so easy and I'm a rather casual player so if it was easy for me I can't even imagine how easy it must have been to hardcore gamers. I just want a game where I feel like I have to try.
I have Skyrim and it fulfills those things but it is lacking the social aspect.