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    Okay, back to a computer, even if it's not my beloved laptop.

    Thoughts: I love the look of the new Cassidy. I don't know why, but Henry Sanderson had brown hair in my mind, Mike is SPOT ON and so is Flat Face, the creepy ghouls are... very creepy, so kudos, and Brent... reminds me of Charming from Shrek. I don't know if that's good or bad.

    DO THE PCs NEXT!!!!

    Also, @TC:

    Quote Originally Posted by Thundercracker View Post
    Daelrog, are you planning to skip forward at all?
    I think you may have missed an edit:

    Quote Originally Posted by daelrog View Post
    As for my thoughts on where to next, I figure the next night will be full of a lot as everyone sires lie to the characters to suit their own purposes show them the way things work. After another full night or two, we may start moving time a bit more, jump a few weeks in game time.
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