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    ((OOC: Whoops, sorry, I've been quite busy the past few days. Shall I assume that Ina gave Kasai her size and went over to her place?))

    Ina yawned as she sat up in bed, reaching for her alarm clock before remembering that she was no longer at home, but at Ryuu-No, Kasais' place. Her heart raced with excitement as she caught sight of the Tokiwadai uniform that was no doubt sitting on the desk in front of her, her mind already imagining herself in it. And amidst all the finery that was Ryuus' apartment, too!

    Oh, how terribly exciting it all was! She would no doubt be punished severely if she were found out. But that was all part of the fun, wasn't it?

    Inas' memory wandered back to the night before, where she had gaped in awe at the huge number of truly exquisite paintings that hung on every wall. Such talent! Ina was jealous. Unlike her, Ryuu appeared able to create real art with a touch.

    Ah, but enough reminiscing. It was time to get up!

    Energetically leaping out of bed, she headed to the bathroom to wash up before preparing breakfast for her most gracious host (and her new bestest friend ever-Even better than Hanako, Ina decided). That is, of course, if Ryuu was not already awake.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Shougos' day certainly did not start well. Firstly, he began by waking up too late, having returned home sometime past midnight last night. Secondly, upon realising that he had flecks of blood on his otherwise-pristine uniform, courtesy of a life-or-death brawl he had taken part in, he had then begun a frenzied attempt to clean it off; an attempt which met with some success, for his shirt was now a fraction of a shade pinker. Thirdly, he had not had time to eat his breakfast before he rushed off to school. His stomach rumbled in protest, but Shougo ignored it. He could eat later. Fourthly, he had missed the train to school, and would have had to get there on foot if he wanted to be on time.

    Pressed for time, Shougo decided to employ the use of his psychic powers to reach school faster, noting the fact that using it had become noticeably easier than it had been the night before as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop with clearly superhuman agility, still blinking away the weariness from last nights' escapade. He wondered why it had suddenly become so easy; surely, if he was capable of this, wouldn't he have breached the Level One barrier a long time ago?

    Well,he surmised, it's not as though I'm complaining-

    Lost in thought as he dashed across the top of row of shops, Shougo unwittingly collided with another Esper who was capable of moving at incredible speeds; one who was quite probably his polar opposite in terms of personality.

    Yamamoto Katsu.
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