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    Quote Originally Posted by dancrilis View Post
    Wow I am really torn.
    On one hand excellent work, the eyes and face capture how I could see the character looking pretty perfectly, the expression of defiant boredom fits Danielle really well, and the eyes are fantastic.

    On the other hand I had initially listed long blonde hair capable of a pony tail or pig tails, and without the colour and length it just seems like something is missing.

    Ah ... and now I look like I am complaining about nothing.
    It's not nothing! The little details are important sometimes.

    Defiant, bored teen with long blond hair. Time to acquisition... about 30-90 seconds.


    I told you guys. Fish in a barrel.

    EDIT: Oho! A palette swapped challenger approaches!


    Sadly can't go any lighter on the shade, because then it gets all washed out and gross. Also, as someone with hair a bit shorter than hers, I could totally do pigtails (if I could find a second hair tie ).
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