Tobio's classes were flecked with the usual whispers from his classmates. Especially now that the Rumor mill about him and Mei had finally reached full swing. Classes passed one after another as he endured the whispers, the cat calls, and the jeers about how he was too nervous to even hold a girls hand let alone date one.

By the time lunch rolled around Tobio was reaching the end of his rope from all of the words that reached his ears. Going up to the roof to eat with Shougo and away from other people.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Crocell meanwhile had exited his first class to move on too his next. The mundane day was not improving. By the time class was over he couldn't wait for lunch. Deciding to hang out with his new friends as usual once lunch came around he decided to hang a small ways away from the gates of Tokiwadai to wait for them.