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    Default Re: [4e] RB OOC Thread 2 (all welcome to post)

    I remember (although she could at least say something about the statue, unless she passively-agressively ignores everything Elden says, which is fine. Elden doesn't care much either way, or at least not enough to make an idiot of himself again ). And I can't have Adalhard respond especially proactively either, because he's mute, and say whatever you like, I'm not up to playing the pantomime of "Adalhard agrees with Elden" or "Adalhard opposes Elden but agrees anyway because he's a greedy bastard*", no matter how hilarious it would turn out to be. In fact, the only one who I really expected any response from is Juniper (although Carric made it close to the list).

    *Okay, "resource conscious" is probably a more accurate term, but it's pretty much true that Adalhard's the most stereotypical adventurer on the team when it comes to securing wealth, and Avgust's orders to me were pretty much "Take everything of value". A bit more specific, but that was the spirit of it.
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