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    "It smells of Garou, here. The mirror's almost, like, an invitation to Step Sideways, huh? I-I don't wanna do that in the middle of a restaurant though," she scowls, weighing the gain and the cost.

    Whatever the case, Softpaws supposes the time for Lupine forms was at an end, and she works on schooling her visage into the Homid.

    Sta + PU to shift to Homid (5d10)[5][10][8][4][6](33) I guess it would use my Hispo Stamina, huh? If so add (2d10)[2][5](7) if not use the 5d10 only.

    With her human guise regained, Softpaws asks her packmate how he feels about using the bathroom to Step Sideways, "that way, I mean, we'll have less a chance of being seen, r-right? Aaaand, then I guess we'd just have to explain why we're both in the bathroom together..." she ends her sentence in an inaudible mumble, her dark cheeks coloring slightly as she reflexively crosses her arms.
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