The Dawn
Calvin Witt

The dawn had often been seen as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. A symbol of powerful houses and regions through the ages. But to Calvin it hurt. Dawn brought the sun which burned his eyes that hadn't seen it in over a year. Dawn took away his shield of darkness that hid him from the monsters hunting him.

He heard them crashing through the forest behind him. They had been chasing him ever since he had been shoved out of the cavernous tunnels that he had been living in. The order that housed and trained him there had decided to test him in this new environment. He had been chased from the deeper and darker parts of the woods into the meadows with less cover. So far he had eluded whatever was chasing him. As a matter of fact he hadn't even spotted what was following him.

It seemed like he was being herded somewhere. Every time he tried to double back to more familiar territory he heard them moving around him, or felt their eyes watching him. So he ran, barefooted through the woods, which was a pleasure after a year of walking on stone floors. If it wasn't for the fear of being hunted he might even enjoy it, like a normal 9 year old boy.

Reaching the edge of a large meadow Calvin crouches low and his eyes sweep across it, he senses the trap laid for him. Squinting into the sun he can't see anything that would look like a trap, but he feels uneasy and that is enough for him to not want to head forward. He had been taught to trust his instincts.

Then there it was, a man, dressed like a beast, a cruel looking demon mask, sharp metal claws, animal skins and furs. How he had managed to sneak up so close with Calvin hearing him was impressive. The metal claws lash out and Calvin dives away catching only a scratch on his left side. He scrambles a few feet backwards into the meadow. The man growls and lunges again Calvin scrambles to her feet and leaps forward scratching and clawing at the mask covering the mans face.

The man easily throws Calvin off of him into a near by tree stunning the young boy. Two more figures wearing red demon masks rise up out of their hiding spots in the meadow and move to flank the other figure, all watching the boy rise to his feet and face the three men in front of him. He knows he is done running he has to try to fight, even though one of these men weighs more then three times him. He grabs a large branch from the ground and charges them.

The fight is brutal and fast. One of the men has a broken knee, another lost his mask and part of his ear, the third was stabbed by the firsts sharp claws in the thigh and is still bleeding from the wound. Calvin is in worse shape. Several cuts and punctures from the claws bleeding, a swollen shut eye, and a head wound from hitting the ground. He is also pinned under one of the men who pulls out a long sharp looking piece of metal. The other two hold him down his arms, Calvin remembers the sun shining off the metal in the man's hand. Then he just remembered screaming.

@Happy: Thanks for the feedback Happy. Yeah the second part I felt was weaker. I sort of rushed through it to get it done I think. It might make since in my head, but necessarily when I type it up. Might rewrite it sometime to clear it up.

I really enjoyed Second Chance as well. I picked up on pretty much what was going on in it without too much trouble. I will admit I though Sue was Female for way to long into this story. Sometimes my reading comprehension can suck. I liked the jumps through time that gave it the real sense of it taking a long time to really have the relationship grow into something special.