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    {Melody's Island- Tent City}

    Quote Originally Posted by McBish View Post
    Nope, though Derek is an early riser, usually getting up around sunrise, though he had planned on sleeping in this particular morning. So unless anyone comes to wake him up early he will wake up on his own, and find a bloody knife.
    Well, maybe the air-rendering scream will wake him, and many others, up this wonderful morning?

    That is, around 6 in the morning (GICT- Gersemi Island Central Time), a woman from the sickness quarter finds her father's corpse and screams her lungs out.

    The village soon begins to stir noisily as the others follow the noise to discover what has happened.

    {Feed the Refugees}

    Quote Originally Posted by Reinholdt View Post
    Vincent decides since there's only four servings, he'll go at it two at a time this time rather than pushing for three.
    Grabbing a plate in each hand, he works his way towards the center of the group to figure out how the balancing thing works, but spills some along the way.

    He serves up the what he's got before heading back for more. This time around he does a better job of not spilling any, again heading towards roughly the middle.

    His player isn't too sure on the rough span of that though.
    ((Looks good. ))

    While Vincent is serving the first two bowls of soup, Caroline runs back and begins mixing the second serving.

    She decides to stick with simple, for now.

    She mixes the Beef with Onions and Potatoes, this time. Adding 1 Salt.

    :05|Caroline makes Beef Stew
    :25|Caroline carries the kettle to the Refugee Village
    :30|Caroline runs back and makes Beef Stew
    :40|Vincent serves two servings
    :50|Caroline delivers the second kettle
    1:00|Vincent serves two more servings, and finds the second kettle already delivered.
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