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Sznovf- Wizard's Tower

"I can." He just did it, though there's no overt sign of any magic used. Unless Cassidy had her magic-sight on, in which case she would have seen a burst of divine energy float into her trench coat and disperse. Hopefully it wasn't already enchanted; it's possible that the new magic resistance causes them to slide off it. As a side effect, it might also be impervious to magical detection (and even hide magical energy) or be slightly tougher.
Cass did happen to have her magic-sight on. She wasn't just going to take this kid's word for granted, after all. Needless to say, she's a little surprised when the divine energy flows into her coat, and even more surprised when she sees an aura from her coat for the briefest of moments before it disappears. "Uh... thank you."