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    Image download successful.

    Name: Nails.

    Sex: Not yet, and quite probably never.

    Talent: Carpentry. He can craft a wide variety of useful things out of wood, repair wooden objects, or do other wood-related things.

    Virtue: Loyalty. He's got a sense of honour about him, and would only betray someone who betrayed his ideals first. He's somewhat reluctant to face danger, and has a strong sarcastic streak, but you can count on him to support you when you need it while making snide little quips about the ordeals you're facing.

    Appearance: A solidly-built earth pony stallion of around 18 with a brown coat, a short black mane and tail, sharp orange eyes and a hammer cutie mark. His preferred outfit is a blue vest where he keeps spare tools.

    Faction: None yet; he's looking for a sane one.

    Skills: Aside from carpentry, Nails is a fairly good fighter. While he lacks traditional weapons, he can do some serious damage with a saw, hammer or screwdriver.

    Equipment: He always carries his trusty hammer with him, along with other carpentry tools and a nail-shooting gun.
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