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{Melody's Island- Tent City}

As Derek exits his tent, he may see Melody fly over head, wrapped in a white night dress. But she soon disappears as she lands in the midst of the mob of onlookers.

If he looks back to the cottage, he'll see Jezebelle holding Estia and Lyanna back.
{Melody's Island- Tent City}

Derek sees Melody but decides to avoid the mob of people, he would love a private place to have a chat with Melody but he doesn't see that happening right now. So he checks the cottage and breathes a sigh of relief to see Jezebelle there. He had been worried it would be her blood on the bloody knife. He quickly makes his way to her.

"Jezebelle I need to talk to you and Melody somewhere private as soon as we can."

He seems a bit flustered and obviously upset about something. He doesn't want to bring up the bloody knife in front of the kids, he hides the wrapped up knife behind his back.