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Remember, Z's build was optimized for beating V. Granted he can change his spell selection, so that's not a huge advantage, but Z also didn't know that V would be out of commission today,
He didn't? Remember, he thought he'd sent Vaarsuvius to the Demiplane of Extremely Painful Torture.
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He had ~9 levels to change that setup.
And absolutely no reason to do so. Nale is obsessed with being Elan's evil twin. He is not obsessed with following some optimization template.
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Has it ever been stated anywhere that Kilkil even *has* any levels?
Everyone has either levels or racial hit dice, and kobolds don't have racial hit dice. Whatever form of kobold has wings might, but while I look askance at people who suggest that Tarquin's secretary is too important a job not to be a high-level adventurer, I also look askance as the suggestion that Tarquin would choose someone completely unskilled for it. Most likely Kilkil is a decently leveled Expert.