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Since he's the one who positioned her as a figurehead, while he continued to wield the power behind the throne, I don't really think he can commit "treason" against her.

I know, I know, if the locals think that it's treason, they'll call it treason.
I'm pretty sure that as long as she's technically the empress, overthrowing her is technically treason.
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1 I do wonder about the last entry in the list of Holy Word effects. Anyone more than 9 levels below the caster's level are "Killed, paralyzed, blinded, deafened". Aren't the last three kind of superfluous? Or do they apply to the spirit of the character in the afterlife?
I figure it's for creatures that can't be killed for some reason. Constructs, for example, can't be killed because they aren't alive; but they can see, so blinding works on them.