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Both of those systems sound pretty interesting! I did a quick search, and it seems like there's a partially translated version of Night Wizard here
As expected of the internet! It is surprising, and also relieving.

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It really does. It was the first thing I thought about seeing the picture, but that might be because I was just showing off VC to my girlfriend like an hour and a half ago. Still, it looks great and there are far, far worse things to look like than Valkyria Chronicles.
Yes, concept of character is combining [Returner] concept and [Valkyria] ability ideas. Unfortunately, design must be changed because unacceptable now. GM was to think there is a breastplate. Is it necessary or unnecessary? I must make a decision. But maybe to cause trouble for IC if there is no breastplate.


So, a decision was made, to make 1 game of NW2 for 4 players.
And to make 1 game of Ryuutama for 4-6 players.

If there is interest in a game, please send PM to me!  Even if recruiting thread is made, many friends post in this thread, so probably I will choose players from this group first!

It is possible to request both games, but maybe such a player will not be able to enter both if many interests respond, so please choose preference too!

I know [scenario description] hasn't been written here, so maybe interest is difficult. So, to write scenario descriptions now!

Night Wizard! The Second Edition

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This world is not what it seems like. Since the World Barrier weakening, it has become more dangerous. The Emulators, the enemy of wizards, threaten the world, and are trying to destroy the World Barrier.

Let's tell a story about Kimei Academy. This Academy is a private school, with the appearance of a normal place. In a peaceful place, it may seem an idyllic school life. However, Kimei Academy also trains some young wizards as well. For such wizards who live a double life, always it is the back and forth of duty and school assignments.

This year a new club called "Kimei Gakuen School Life Safety Patrol Group" has been advertised aggressively by a certain third year students Masukura Shun and Yaegashi Tsubaki.

You are students at the school, whether a new student or senior student. Maybe you are a wizard, or maybe you are about to discover your power.
For your own reasons, (curiosity, interest, loneliness, boredom, any-club-is-okay) you have decided to come to the first club meeting for this club today before school.

Night Wizard The Second Edition
I recommend for a style that is combat and fun teamwork. Maybe it is like a cartoon or comic, style of game and abilities. To reference many popular and famous above things with various classes. It seems there is description of these things in Wikipedia article.


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The world of Lapis is a beautiful and mysterious land! There are many wonderful places, like the Sky-Canyons where it is said even humans can fly if they try. Or the Aerial Maze-like Canal city of Onuxia. Or the Valley of U=E=I, which has many statues from an ancient race. Across the Eastern Sapphire Sea, it is said people can even call out spirits of objects!
Of course, there is the Crystal Flowers Meadow, and the Sparky Plains Storms, and even the Myrra's Giant Windmills that must have been built by giants.

Needless to say, it is a land for travelers and sightseers!
Ah, but this journey is to be a humble story. Every story must have a beginning. So, let's tell this story about novice travelers' first journey from Paxileve!

I recommend for heartwarming storytelling travel game. There will be a little fighting, but most of adventure is to challenge of travel, and experience beautiful and a mysterious world together.

However, soon it is Obon. Because my father was lost this spring, to participate in ceremonies. So, to be absent in Kyoto until Wednesday. m(_ _)m

I hope maybe a start for character creation can happen next week Friday maybe.