The best thing to do at this point is isolate Tarquain somehow and take out Z. At the moment Tarquain is the priority threat, but Z still has some chance, however slim, to pull off a successful spell. And I'm willing to bet he has at least one Flesh to Stone on standby, and an anti arrow spell. So at least isolate and/or distract Tarquain, and get rid of the drow.

This of course does not take Malack or Quarr into account because of of them being behind a solid metal wall, and there's a chance Quarr got banished too. Malack may also have been affected by the Holy Word, but that remains to be seen since the Giant seems to want us to keep guessing at his alignment. When the reveal finally comes, its going to be amazing.

Oh yes, and this also doesn't take Team Evil into account, because I'm of the opinion that they're already at the Desert Gate. Otherwise we'd already have seen or heard them. Xykon isn't exactly quite when it comes to his spell choices.

And that's my two cents and such on this. Here's to no wars being born of my post like last time.