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That is a pretty adorable green dragon, but I also kind of get the vibe that it's an unreliable crybaby.

"Aa....Ha Ha Ha..."

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Those two premise sounds incredibly cute and awesome. I'd love to play them, especially Ryutama... if only I could find the systems.... ('''- _ - )

Times like this made me really wish I took japanese as foreign language indeed...
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I'd love to do either or both of those, but... What Fri said. There's no way I could do so without a good translation of the system(s).
I was surprised to read these comments, but to realize it wasn't said clearly by me. It wasn't expected by me that players know these games.
I will explain rules and help players with any question. Please rely on me.

But, I understand if it is to be intimidating to [play a game and not understand system]. However, Kamome is such a character I love very much. But such a system played I don't understand.

To compare of west games like infamous Dungeons&Dragons, rules of Ryuutama are very easy. Rules of NW are a little difficult.

Banthesun found some translation of http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Ni...he_2nd_Edition so maybe rules are a little easier to know.
If desire to join but nervous of rules, please be reassured these will be beginner games.