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    Oh she has one I've been mentioning since it happened... namely Claire's clothes fit just fine.

    Her mind simply no longer allows her to feel comfortable in them, because animals don't wear them. Chosen to directly relate to the circumstances of her embrace and first frenzy. Everything she wears will feel uncomfortable and may occasionally lead to some occasional social lapses but for an unstatted one I figured I'd could go low key and vagueish. While on the other hand the sort forced behavior she showed in the embrace to match Rogan is now a part of her thinking more permanently she just hasn't realized it yet.

    (Incidentally that whole embrace actually came about by accident on the meta level. I was not originally writing Claire as getting interested in Rogan romantically, but attempting to match his casual nudism along with some rebirth and naturalistic symbolism. But our good ST went another way and I decided it made sense for Claire too.)

    She isn't aware of it yet though I'm planning to make her realize it at some point. Hence the a deliberate contrasting in the crazy forest dream she's having.
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