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She blushes, plating out the masses of crispy baaaaaaacon.
So um.
What happens now?
"Well, I dunno."
Andy grabs BACON.
"What do you want to have happen now?"

Remnant Locker Room

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"You really are a drama queen, aren't you?" Tracey says from her own shower stall. "It's a few shots of vitamins and benzodisomething-or-others, and someone stopping by to check on your heart every so often. And you're still going to suffer. You just won't be having hallucinations or strokes or whatever."
"Drama queen? Not so much as 'cynical, bitter, cynical, jaded, and did I mention cynical', and I think I'm pretty well justified in that considering that whatever I touch turns to ashes." Eileen sighs, and works on finishing up getting clean.