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Remnant Locker Room

"Drama queen? Not so much as 'cynical, bitter, cynical, jaded, and did I mention cynical', and I think I'm pretty well justified in that considering that whatever I touch turns to ashes." Eileen sighs, and works on finishing up getting clean.
Dra-ma-queen Tracey mouths, unseen by Eileen in the other shower stall. "If that's the case, touch my shoe collection, and you die."

She finally finishes up her shower, towels off, and pulls on a tank top and shorts. "Lets go."

Tracey's place is typical of the quarters for single enlisted soldiers - very small. It does have a separate bedroom, but the bathroom is tiny and the kitchen is just one corner of the living room. The living room is made even more cramped by the addition of a couple of stand alone wardrobes stuffed full of clothes and shoes that wouldn't fit in the bedroom closet or the wardrobes in there.

The posters on the wall show artistic photographs of very attractive men. There's a sofa and a tv cabinet that includes some dvds and a game console.

"Hi, Home, I'm Honey," Tracey announces as she walks in. The home, unsurprisingly, does not answer.