I've been planing out a village that "plays by the rules". And by that, I don't mean they're lawful, I mean they use RAW rulings for everything.

For instance, the average commoner will have no idea what race any adventurer of higher than level 10 is (knowledge check being 10 + HD of creature to be identified).
Said commoners will also have a 50/50 chance of understanding what is said right in front of them in a quite room, with it being much more difficult if there is distractions or they are more than 10 feet away from the speaker.
They will also have no idea what the sun or moon is, they can't see the mountains down the road, and would be lucky to even see the forest surrounding the town due to untrained spot checks.
The healer will oftentimes drown patients if they start bleeding too much.
Any ranchers starting out can't handle their own animals a quarter of the time, and they will rarely be able to teach their draft animals to do any work at all.
Commoners will not know general goings on in their own town half the time, and will rarely know anything specific about events.