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RLR -> Tracey's

"Don't worry. I've got all the shoes I need," Eileen declares with a chuckle, picking out a comfortable T-shirt and long pants, in urban camo, before following Tracey to her quarters. The posters on the wall don't get much of a look.

Unless Tracey has one of Ricardo Montalban, of course.

"I'd make a comment about where honey comes from, but I won't," the Nordic blonde quips with a chuckle, before turning serious. "...thanks for helping me," she says, more earnest than she has been...well, all this time, really.
Eileen's first comment gets a disbelieving and pitying stare. "I saw your closet. You don't even have the minimum number of shoes necessary to support life, girl!"

As to the last statement, Tracey just waves it off. "De nada. Whatcha want for dinner? Chinese, pizza, or something else? I don't cook, but you're welcome to try if you have the urge."