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    Hmm, while spotting the font size 2 "U" is easy enough, font size 1 and normal font look exactly the same to me... I can't tell which is the small one. I'm not sure what you can see that I don't. I know the font size USED to change to a small size, so I was incredibly annoyed when it stopped working.

    Moving on, I guess I forgot the library was closed. I can't imagine you skipped that detail, Deme. Thanks, as well, for changing the granny font, this new one is much easier to read. Also, so, there wasn't an Ann line to complement the Cliff one after all... Pity, I just assumed there would be since Cliff was talking about her. Glad you fit in the connection anyway then.

    On that topic, the more I thought of the conversation, the more amused I was and I think a good set up like this DEMANDS a new question period!

    "Welcome Ann, Karen, Elli, Maria and Popuri to our very first roundtable discussion. Our first question comes from Toma. Ahem.

    "Dear ladies, as you may or may not be aware, Ann has discovered that Fox is a gigantic perv recently. What are your feelings towards him now that this truth is revealed?

    "Aright, assuming that all 5 of you are in agreement with him being a perv, lets start the conversation with... Wait, what's that? You seem anxious to say something first? Is it because you disagree with the assertion that Fox is a perv?"

    And go! I had fun all evening trying to think of how they would work though that one. Whether or not the other 4 would know about it. Whether any would agree that calling him a perv was even fair since he hadn't said anything yet. If yes, which ones would defend Fox (if any) or back Ann (or if Ann would decide that Fox wasn't a perv, after all). Whether or not Popuri was capable of even understanding the entendre... Heh.

    If it sounds like overkill though or just plain uninteresting, skip it. I like the idea of a discussion format that doesn't have Fox in it though. Maybe there would be a better question/format for it?

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