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Fortress Mountain

Oh noes! Day reacts in the blink of an eye, grabbing for Mini-Clarissa as she's 'dragged' off his shoulder. Seeing as she's an illusion this will likely end with her simply passing through his fingers, but somehow even that doesn't tip Day off to the deception. Suspicion is simply not a talent you develop when you can already read the minds of everyone around you.

Mini-Clarissa reappearing and laughing at him works to clue him in though. "Knew it was a trick. I was only playing along to humor you." He says, crossing his arms and plopping back down in his chair with a sullen expression.
[Fortress Mountain]

Not laughing at! Laughing with!

Well, she would be laughing with if it weren't for Day not finding this funny in the slightest. Hmm... That is more than a little vexing!

Aw! Don't pout like that! I'm sure you'll get back at me sometime! It's a game! Just laugh it off!

Mini-Clarissa chimes in, attempting to tap Day on the shoulder in the most good-natured manner she can muster up!

"You're gonna have to lighten up if you ever want to interact with all the crazies out there! Can't let them get under your skin! I'll teach you the ropes on how to counter-prank, kiddo! Just you wait and see!"

Mini-Clarissa smiles!

Meanwhile, regular Clarissa has produced three bottles of creme soda. One for herself, one for her mini-self, and one for Day.

"Pretty awesome light show you have there, Day! You thirsty? I have some soda here that I thought you might enjoy! Here!"

Clarissa generously offers Day a bottle of soda! Nope! It's not shaken up at all! >.< Wherever did you get that idea?

In all honesty, though, two of the bottles are shaken up. One of them may or may not be the one Clarissa seems to want him to accept! If Day selects wisely, maybe his won't explode in his face?