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    Quote Originally Posted by Smolder View Post
    Or that Belkar makes up the difference with roleplaying XP.
    Because Belkar roleplays more than anyone else in the Order?
    Or that Belkar has one level in a secret third class. Ranger 14/Barb 1/??? 1

    Given his stats, his options are limited. If he took 2 levels of Fighter, he'd get weapon specialization: slashing, and he certainly does a lot of slashing according to the sound effects. So maybe Ranger 13/Fighter 2/Barb 1.

    That way, he was suffering from the XP penalty prior to taking the barbarian level, and has been in sync with the others since then.
    That way, he was suffering from the 20% XP penalty prior to taking the barbarian level, and has had a 40% XP penalty since then. What are you thinking the rules are that adding a level of a third class would make the penalty go away rather than doubling it?

    (Also, weapon specialization: slashing? Weapon Specialization: Greatsword, which is what Roy has, requires four levels of fighter. There is no such thing as "weapon specialization: slashing." Smolder, you have very definite ideas about D&D that seem to be completely related to a different gaming system entirely.)
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    This, in a nutshell.
    Yes, exactly.