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Final Rites - Trisha


“We are His axe upon this world.”
The leading knight prayed as he knelt in front of all those who followed him, looking up at the figure of a Green Knight at the front of the chapel. He ignored the sounds of the steam cannons blasting at the walls of the Keep, choosing to continue in his sacred duty instead. “It is in the name of the Green Knight that the Verdant Order shall sweep across the heretic planes, testing the humility of all those that oppose us and striking down any of those fail even as we test ourselves. It is in our knowledge that our blades and bodies shall pave the path for The Green Knight and Sir Gwain, costing many their lives, yet we refuse to turn away from our sacred task.”

He reaches up for a moment to adjust the green garter that wrapped his neck, the symbol of his office as Verdant Lord, leader of this chapter of the Order, before opening his mouth to speak once more. Before he can though, a pale-skinned woman kneels down next to him and speaks in his stead. It would normally be considered a terrible insult and breach of conduct, but her words spoke of true belief even if all present knew she served a different Calling. “We refuse to turn away from our Path as it is the Trial that had been offered to each and every one of us.” Trisha, Champion of Hate, said reverently. “Upon taking the task, all of us understood that we will fail for there is no success. At our core, every one of us is human and has faults and we realize there is no such thing as a perfect being. But upon the day that I fall, giving into the humanity within me, I will be able to kneel before the Green Knight and his Servant, smiling and bowing my head to them in respect as the Knight swings down his axe to sever me from my mortal shell.” Her calm voice intones; reaching into the core of each of the knights left standing after the hard battles of the past month.

“I will be able to bow my head, proud that I have served them both to the utmost of my ability, welcoming the peace that Death’s axe will bring as it frees me from my humanity, purifying my spoiled soul.”

The Verdant Lord bows his head at the end of the prayer. “In Their names, we welcome death.”

“We welcome death.”
The knights gathered say in turn, ending their prayers.

Trisha gets up to her knees and gives the knights a nod as she and the Verdant Lord walk side by side to the open door of the Keep in time to see the first of the Cog Syndicate’s clanks breach the walls. Her blue eyes begin to turn black as she draws a glowing blade from her back. “For Death and Hate!!” She shouts!”

“For Death and Hate!”
The Verdant Lord shouts as he draws his own broadsword before the pair of them lead the charge against the overwhelming forces, the powers of their Faith infusing their souls.