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Thread: [WFRP] The Lord of Lost Heart (II)

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    Pushing his way forwards through the undergrowth, Pieter closed in on the source of the sound. When he felt he could not go further without revealing his position, he put his back to a particularly squat and bulbous oak and peered slowly around its bulk.

    It was one of the Hohlesbruck carthorses. It had run deep into a dense thicket of brambles, and was rearing and whinnying in an attempt to free itself from the tangling coils. Its wild movements were not helping, serving only to snare itself worse and pull the thorns tighter against its skin. Pieter could see the whites of its eyes flashing in its scratched and bloody face.

    The terrified creature had left a welter of deep hoof-prints behind it, the confusion of tracks just visible from Pieter's position. What cargo of straw it might still have been carrying had been lost, but there was something still and shapeless slumped over its back and in the trees overhead, shabby crows were jockeying for position, puffing out bedraggled coats of rain-soaked feathers as they looked down with glittering, patient eyes.