Thanks for the input, I went ahead and picked up Friends of Mineral Town (used game store had it available for under 10 dollars, good enough for me!). The characters being the same is both reassuring and disappointing at the same time. On the one hand, it is nice to have some familiarity there, on the other hand, it might have been nice to get to meet some new people. Though from the bit I've seen so far there's a fair shuffle of the characters, so it should be fine. Also like that the town is totally different, not just in layout but in terms of what's there.

I was considering one of the Rune Factory games, but decided I'd rather go with a more traditional harvest moon for now. I may try Rune Factory down the line if I like this.

Right now my biggest issue starting the game is a bunch of stupid mistakes. Exiting menus and wasting stamina on a tool use I didn't mean to. I've also wasted one or two packs of seeds that way already. Just need to learn to be more careful and get used to the controls I guess.

Anyway, I'm done going off topic. Thanks for tolerating me, and now back to your regularly scheduled Let's Play thread.